Third Pig Software

Our Services

Accelerate your delivery. 🏎️

A range of software services across multiple platforms - web, mobile and cloud. We're always looking for ways to improve our services, so if you can't see exactly what you need, contact us anyway to see if we can help.

Bespoke Software Development

We'll take your requirements and deliver an MLP (minimum 'loveable' product)!

Platform & Infrastructure Development

World class services around platform and infrastructure development.

Project Rescue

Time sensitive project in need of a helping hand? See how we can help get you back on track.

Mobile Development

Take your idea to market quickly with a bespoke mobile app.

Automated Testing Frameworks

Get a solid testing harness for your existing product or platform.

Cloud Migrations

Reach new heights with your platform in the cloud.

Agile Coaching

Want to become more adaptable and responsive to your users needs? We can help.

Site Reliability Engineering

We'll help you create scalable and highly reliable software systems.

DevOps Consultancy

Consultation services to help you shorten your software development life cycle.

Our Mission

Build the right thing. Build it right. 🔨

We believe in getting to know your business at a deep level. We want to know how things currently tick, your future goals and your aspirations; then to help you quickly deliver the value you need to achieve them 🚀.

Good at what we do.

With many successful projects under our belts and a wealth of technical skills, you're in safe hands with us.

Easy to work with.

We're easygoing and friendly. We love to hear your ideas, we love to share ours and we try to have fun every step of the way.


We take the pain of making changes away with our agile and test-driven development approaches.

No bullsh*t.

Software can be complicated enough as it is. We're straight talking and straight to the point.

Shippable Increments.

We'll focus on continuously producing releasable increments of work so you don't have to wait long to start seeing value.

Minimise your Time to Validate.

Once you've agreed with our proposal, you'll have your first demo within 2 weeks or less.

More than just another piggin' consultancy.

Not just bums on seats. We'll work to thoroughly understand your business goals and act like a partner, not an outsourcer.

Our Process

Spot the Value. Deliver. Repeat. 🔁

Don't bet on a "big bang" launch 💥. We'll take your concept, help you subtract as many parts from it as possible until what remains is the most valuable thing.

A consultation to talk about your problem, concept or requirements.
Let's Talk 💬
We'll come back with a proposal.
...Break it down 🕺
If you're happy, we'll get to work!
...Build it up 🧩
Multiple cycles of iteration on your concept, as many as you need.
Do it again 💗

Want to get started?

We can provide a quote within 36 hours